How to be an Affiliate on
Bullmart ?

Welcome to Bullmart! Registering or signing up for your own Bullmart Account for you to begin purchasing, sharing and / or selling directly as well. This article shows you how to be start earning referral bonus as an affiliate on Bullmart.

How To Download Bullmart?

1. Search for Bullmart in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery and install the app

*Please ensure your device is IOS 10/android 6.0 and above

How To Sign Up for Bullmart?

1. Launch your Bullmart application and click on the Discover tab.

2. Enter your mobile number, and click on the send button to receive verification code.

*Please ensure your mobile number is able to receive a One-Time-Password through SMS.

3. Enter the One-Time-Password received

*Do note that the format of SMS will be: “RM0 bullmart: 1****6 is your verification code,
valid for 10 minutes. To keep your account safe, never forward this code”.

4. Enter a username & password of your choice and click Sign Up

*Please create a username & password that contains at least 8-16 characters,
one uppercase and one lowercase letter for your password too.

How To Login?

1. Proceed to login by clicking on the Login button and use your new created account

*Please enter your phone number, followed by your password

How To Setup Referral & Start Sharing?

1. Setup your referral link by clicking on Referral in the Discover page and click next

*This is a crucial step before being able to share your referral link or products with your referral link embedded.

2. You will be prompted to enter a referral code or continue without one,then click next to complete your referral setup and start sharing

*Choose one of the options below in order to continue, select Continue without referral code?
If you do not have one.Share your referral link through any messaging or chat platform of your choice or copy your link to paste it anywhere, you will receive referral bonuses for all your referrals applicable purchases

How To Share Product With Referral?

1. Browse for products to share from search or featured in home screen

*Share products with a referral bonus shown in the share now button, referral bonus amount will be shown in the button

How To View Earnings?

1. To view your referral bonus earnings click on Earnings in Discover page

*All your earnings from referral bonuses will be displayed here once your referral makes a purchase

A warm reminder, if you have previously purchased anything from Bullmart, you can use your phone number to login to your account instead of signing up for a new account.

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